Greetings Mathematical Experts!

So you did well at GCSE (congratulations) and decided that wasn’t enough – you just HAD to have more maths in your life! And now you might feel you need some extra help from a maths tutor, possibly because you want to maximise and achieve your potential, or because you need additional support to keep up.

Either way, I know I can help you.

I treat A-level / IB students differently to GCSE students. I don’t set homework as such, though I do expect you to work between lessons and I will check that you are doing that. I will treat you as an adult and will expect you to behave like one, i.e. knowing the areas where you need help, managing your time to be able to practice between lessons and interacting in the lesson to make sure our time together is spent effectively. If we have a bit of a laugh too, that’s even better !

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