Here are the stories of a few of the A level students I have helped…

Students I have helped in the past have come from schools such as Royal Latin, Denbigh, Hazeley, Aylesbury Grammar, Bedford High, Oakgrove, St. Pauls, Oundle, Redborne, Shenley, Lord Grey, Sir Henry Floyd, Stantonbury, Webber Independent School, Stowe, MK College, Walton High, Ousedale, Elizabeth Woodville, Oxford Brooke University, Marlborough College and Roedean.

Ayesha hated her teacher at school and she told me the teacher hated her! She was the only person in her class to have got B at GCSE – everyone else had A or A*. After a few lessons some of her class mates were asking her for help. After the last lesson she said “Thank you for believing in me”.

Simon did reasonably well at AS but started was struggling at A2. His school predicted a C overall. He retook two of his AS units at the same time as the A2 units and worked really hard to get an A overall. The school and his parents were “Gobsmacked”.

Tina was doing well at A2 but wanted to get the best grade possible, to study medicine. She achieved an average mark of over 90% and is currently studying medicine at a London University.

Ash was seriously struggling and desperately needed to get a C to get on his chosen Uni course. After lots of hard work he finally got a C. He wrote me a letter afterwards to say he will never forget how I helped him to get on the course he so wanted.

After a couple of months of AS and disappointing mock results, Robert had decided to drop maths completely. After a short period of reflection he decided to continue, with support from a private tutor. Luckily the school allowed him back on the course. Robert quickly start to feel more confident and ultimately he achieved a B and went on to study computer science at college.

Steven had opted not to study maths at A-level, in favour of economics. When he decided to do Economics at Uni, he realised he had to have A-level maths – aaargh! His school could only support him if he stayed on for an extra year. We started in February and after a lot of hard work he took his AS units in May and got an A.

Feel free to contact me at any time if you too want to succeed !

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