It has been my pleasure to help a number of students with less common mathematical needs. I often need to do some homework of my own to understand the syllabus and the tutee’s needs, but the basics don’t change. For example:-

Suzanne wanted to apply for a job as a Distribution Manager of a local company and needed to undertake a numerical reasoning test. After a number of lessons and a lot of hard work she achieved a high score and later found a new job.

Andrew is at Uni studying biochemical engineering (woooh!) and needed to pass a maths module to continue on the course. I haven’t heard about his results yet but he was very confident going into the exam, even though he did not do A-level maths and needed to score 80% or more in the exam, which was definitely A-level standard or higher.

Having spent over 10 years working as a bookkeeper, Julia has decided to undertake a formal ICMA qualification. A self-confessed “mathophobe”, though very good with numbers, she found the ICMA evening classes left her behind very quickly. With patience and determination, she is feeling much more confident and will pass (won’t you, Julia!!)

At over 60 years of age, John decided it was time to finish what he started at school, but never completed. He is currently working his way through the A-level syllabus.

Feel free to contact me at any time with your unique request for help!

Here’s a bit of mathematial colour to brighten your day…

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