All the feedback below is genuine, though names have been omitted or changed as necessary.

With many thanks – and blushes – to all contributors.

Can I just say that S is finding your lessons extremely beneficial. He was able to help his friend out today by explaining something you helped him with on Monday. (“S”, Radcliffe)

Thank you for all the help you have provided and making me feel more confident in Maths than I ever have. Thanks for all the tips and being quick to adapt methods to help me understand. I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done in helping me achieve my goals to get me into Reading for Meteorology. (“C”, A2, Denbigh)

Thank you so much for your help Peter you’ve been a great teacher and made maths fun and understanding for me! I’m off to Manchester to study medicine woo J . (“C”, A2, Walton High)

Thank you for all your help and support throughout the last 2 years of my maths A levels. All the hard work has paid off! (“J”, Maths and Further Maths A level, Akeley Wood)

We are very proud parents, thank you!!

Thank you so much for tutoring me over the last few years, I don’t think you realise how helpful you have been. I’ve got so much out of it than I ever imagined I would (“J”, A2, Royal Latin)

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E got 88% and was second in his class! A lot of his friends were in shock at how he beat them (their mouths dropped open) All of his lost marks were silly mistakes too, as he understood it all. He went in super confident thanks to you, Peter. (“E”, GCSE, Bedford)

I owe you! F (A level, Royal Latin)

Hi peter! H down here – you helped me out with the statistical analysis of my data for my dissertation a couple of months ago. Just thought I would let you know that I got a first for my dissertation and a first for my degree! Thank you so much for your help!! (“H”, Sports Science, Southampton Uni)

We have found Peter to be very helpful with our Son’s math needs. He explains things clearly, is patient and has a sense of humour! Our son feels comfortable asking about anything he is unsure of and actually enjoys his math lessons with Peter! We would definitely recommend Peter. (“M”, GCSE, Stantonbury)

Hi Peter. K didn’t find the calculator paper too bad today. We are so grateful to you. What has been great is that she has really enjoyed the tutoring which is an absolute bonus! Thanks for everything. (“K”, GCSE, Redborne Upper School)

Peter has been a wonderful help to my son, preparing him for his A Level Maths. He is very calm and encouraging and very flexible with his time. L feels much better prepared for his exams now. Thank you Peter very much. (“L”, A2, Elizabeth Woodville School)

“C is finding Peter to be very helpful. He is friendly and very positive and encouraging. C likes the way Peter explains topics she is unsure of and is feeling more confident. Peter is always punctual. Thank you Peter”

“Peter tutored my son for his A levels in maths and further maths. He is patient, flexible and will accommodate any demands. Above all, he is an excellent maths tutor tutor and I am happy to say that my son achieved an A in maths at A level and is now going to Bristol to study Engineering”

“G has definitely regained his confidence in his abilities during the four sessions with Peter prior to sitting his mock A2 exams in December. Peter was always on time – despite the bad weather – and flexible when G needed to reschedule a session”

“Peter has a serious and methodical approach to tuition which is exactly what my son needs. We will await the exam in January to see if the extra help is paying off but C feels more confident in AS maths lessons now and confidence is a big issue with him due to some rather poor teaching in the important GCSE years at his school”

“I can see a huge difference in E’s approach to Maths. It is lovely to see her gaining more confidence and I think she is beginning to see that she has the ability to grasp certain elements which she has up until now written herself off of. I know she doesn’t show it at the moment, but she has a lot of faith in you and I have heard her say to her friends that ‘he is really helping’”

“We’re very pleased with the help that Peter has been giving S. Peter explains things in a way that S finds easy to grasp and S is quickly regaining the confidence that he lost over the last couple of years. We would definitely recommend him”

“Very helpful and friendly. Also punctual and flexible”

“Peter, I would have no hesitation in highly recommending you to others seeking tuition. In the very short period we have had prior to C’s GCSE you have inspired and helped her to become competent and confident in her abilities in this area, much more so than I expected. Asking you to help her was definitely one of my better decisions! Thank you”

“T tells me that you are really helping him and that the sessions are very useful, so thank you. He is not good at doing his revision, and you have motivated him to work between tutorials. T also says he has been more on top of his AS maths since he returned to school as a result of the work with you during the holidays”

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“Peter has helped my son enormously with his AS maths revision and I cannot rate him highly enough”

“My son’s confidence has improved considerably. Peter takes time to explain the basics and is supportive. He is competent and has built a good relation with my son. I would definitely recommend him”

“Peter is a wonderful tutor. He has built an excellent and highly effective rapport with my daughter which has facilitated her engagement with learning. Peter has been patient and skilled in supporting our daughter learn. He has also been very proactive in helping us to sort out IGCSE entry and an exam centre – things we could not have achieved without his help. I recommend Peter very highly because he is a very knowledgeable, professional and highly skilled tutor”

“Peter is doing an excellent job of building my son’s confidence and capability as he approaches GCSE in the Spring. Peter is happy to take the time to give progress updates and is not afraid to say where there is room for improvement”

“Very good. Made an immediate impact”

“My son suffers from a chronic illness and was struggling after missing quite a lot of school, to the extent that he was on the verge of giving the subject up. S has developed enormously with Peter’s help and is now doing very well in maths, having gone from grade E to grades A and B. S enjoys working with Peter and we find Peter to be very friendly, reliable and capable. He is able to tackle any topic that S has problems with and explains everything in a manner that S finds easy to understand. From our experiences with Peter I would highly recommend him to anyone”

“I called on Peter to assist in a SHL numerical reasoning test that I needed to sit in order to gain a position. Not only had Peter researched the site prior to assisting me, he had sat the test himself! Needless to say he was excellent and I passed”

“Peter is an excellent tutor, experienced, knowledgeable and very patient”

“Dear Peter, I want to reaffirm our thanks for the ways in which you assisted us in the need to tutor our son A for exams this past summer. We knew we had a tall order to find someone to be his sole tutor for AS level Maths from GCSE level and accomplish this in a mere 4 months. However, from your swift response to my first enquiry, your fair assessment of the challenge ahead and our initial meeting in which you outlined how it was achievable, we were delighted that we had come across you. We were really pleased to see how you built rapport with A, led him through the work required and prepared him for his exams. Above all, we were all delighted with the A grade he achieved in the summer, and how this has set him up for his A2 year. lt was a great achievement! We remain grateful to you for being willing to rise to the challenge and diligently preparing A for his AS exams in such a short time. We have no hesitation in recommending you most highly as a Maths tutor”

“We have found Peter reliable, polite and friendly. Our daughter’s school figures have improved from grade E to grade C”

“I felt that Peter was very efficient in that he covered a large amount of work in every lesson, and I felt I benefitted from him tailoring each tutorial to my ability, the subject material I needed to cover and the key aspects I needed to spend more time on. As a result I believe he turned some of my weaknesses into strengths. Without doubt Peter made me feel much more confident about the maths modules and was very encouraging in everything I did. In my view Peter is an excellent tutor, very friendly and warm making me feel at ease immediately. His vast knowledge in the subject allowed him to quickly switch between different maths modules within the same lesson so that we could cover problems I had come across while undertaking past papers. He also has a very good sense of humour which came through every time we met. Without doubt Peter improved me by a grade, from a D at AS level to a high C as A2 level, which was sufficient to secure me a place on a course at my first choice University. Peter was very punctual, reliable and in terms of politeness, he was very forgiving of the stresses I was under at school, for example on one occasion I was five minutes late and he understood completely. For the reasons I have explained above, I would very highly recommend Peter as a maths tutor”

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“We’ve just had some excellent news!  E got back the result of her maths resit in November and she got a ‘B’.  We are really delighted that she has gone from a C to a B.  Your magic is definitely working! A million thanks”

“Peter was an excellent, knowledgeable and understanding tutor. He quickly built an excellent relationship with N and was able to build confidence. She improved significantly and became very confident in maths in a short period of time. Peter was punctual, very reliable and flexible with timings and I have no hesitation recommending him for maths tuition”

“We have found Peter to be extremely helpful to A. He has developed a good relationship with him. A now has a better understanding of maths and is more positive with his GCSEs approaching. He has been firm and friendly throughout. Peter has been flexible when travel issues have arisen. I would certainly recommend him for other students”

“Peter was always reliable, capable, friendly and punctual. He was able to present the material to our son in a clear, concise and understandable way. He was able to get on well and communicate effectively with our son. We would not hesitate to recommend him or use him again if the need arises”

“Over the past few weeks my son’s confidence with the subject seems to be growing. This is mainly due to Peter’s ability to understand my son’s needs in a subject that he has always struggled with”

“Peter has not only helped S with her understanding of her maths but has given her great confidence in a subject she found quite difficult at times. Peter is always polite, punctual and friendly.  We have no hesitation in recommending him as he has always been a delight to have in our home. We look forward to using Peter again for S’s maths A level”

“Before my daughter A had lessons with Peter she had dropped 2 grades in her maths and had no confidence at all. She was very resistant to any new learning, keeping in the “I can’t” mode. Peter has been very patient with her and she has progressed so much because of his ability to put the subject into easy to understand terms. He also has a clever ability to know when she is slacking! A looks forward to her lessons and calls Peter her ‘maths friend’. What a turnaround. Her latest reports state remarkable progress since she has had a tutor. I would certainly recommend Peter as a tutor in particular for a stubborn teen. Professionally, Peter was flexible, punctual and reliable with lesson arrangements, always polite and friendly”

“Thanks a lot for your help it’s really made me confident about the upcoming exam”

“Peter has been an inspiration to D with his approach to teaching helping D to realise his potential. Maths has always been a daunting subject for D and Peter’s approach has gained a level of understanding to him that has improved his confidence. With Peter’s encouragement D’s study skills have also improved. D has a more realistic approach to his work and feels that he could actually achieve the grades he desires in maths. I would recommend Peter very highly to any student”

“Peter is extremely reliable, polite and enthusiastic in maths. Since tutoring commenced, our daughter has made good improvement in maths and is far more motivated. We are very pleased with Peter as a private maths tutor”

“Peter made very good efforts and hence significant change in our daughter’s standard in maths. He was very punctual throughout the required period. He showed high level of patience plus friendly spirit. I will seek to recommend him to our friends and other people who are interested”

“Peter turns up to sessions as arranged. He adopts a polite and flexible approach that is student centred and led. Peter has increased our son’s confidence in tackling exam questions”

“We would firmly recommend Peter to any other family looking for help for their offspring during the very demanding GCSE year. Peter has been a tremendous asset to us as a family. He is friendly, amiable and always on time, as well as tremendously calm. Peter has instilled confidence in our daughter and developed her understanding of a subject she has always struggled with. Our daughter also appreciates Peter’s method of teaching  and feels every lesson has taught her something or helped her understand something she previously had difficulty with. We are very grateful to Peter for his patience and understanding”